How SEO Can Help You Attract Traffic and Generate Profit in 2017

It is estimated that 80% of internet traffic comes from booming digital highways, the search engines. The Google alone accommodates around 3.5 billion searches every single day. Capturing even a tiny fraction of traffic, however, is impossible without optimizing your pages and website. Hence, the build-it-and-they-will-come approach does not cut it. The practice of good SEO holds the key to driving more traffic to your website and generating profit.

Name of the game

SEO is a highly-dynamic field that calls for a great deal of experimentation, flexibility, and research. Google’s algorithms are updated on a regular basis, which means that the rules of the game change often. There are many moving parts to grasp, and if you are to use SEO tactics to forward your goals and overall strategy, sound planning and preparation are required.

Just bear in mind that more traffic does not automatically translate into more revenue. The close rates coming from search engines are around 15%. Still, considering that 78% of people use the internet to research products and services prior to buying, the chances of improving the bottom line this way are looking good. Besides, there are many other ways to capitalize on website visits.

Digital spadework

The ultimate goal is to make your way to the first page of search results. Upon reaching this forefront, your online visibility is taken to the whole new level because the bulk of users does not bother to click other pages. To make this happen, you have to employ advanced SEO techniques and reach informed decisions regarding the improvement of your on-page SEO.

So, the first thing to do is to carry out an audit and figure out how SEO-friendly your website currently is. The good news is that you can utilize a free SEO audit tool to conduct in-depth analysis, produce a comprehensive report, and optimize your pages accordingly. This is not a one-time task: Continuously examine your overall site performance and set new objectives based on facts and figures you obtain.

Converting traffic

Furthermore, I would suggest you focus on ways of enhancing conversion rates. There are many things you can do to step up in this department, including high-quality images, optimized landing pages, calls-to-action, descriptive product pages, attention-grabbing headlines, mobile-friendly design, internal linking, meta descriptions, etc. One fruitful tactic is also to increase the number of pages you can rank for relevant keyword terms.

Basically, it involves the ongoing process of adding new category pages, fresh blog posts, and new pieces of content that target specific keywords. At the same time, it pays off to track keyword rankings for the old content via tools such as SEMrush. This brings us to the point that creating great content is paramount to achieving online success. Yet, note that you cannot rely on its quality or quantity alone.  

The big picture

For instance, in my area of passion, the extreme sports, I have seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Many are those who know how to create stunning videos, but are not versed in promoting them. Namely, one of the most common mistakes is the lack of understanding of how the processes of spreading brand awareness and engaging the users pay dividends online.

Thus, make an effort to align SEO with branding, content, and social media strategies and facilitate a powerful synergy. Strive to separate yourself from the competition and speak with a distinctive voice. An increased volume of traffic is great news, of course, but to get the most bang for your muck, you also have to retain visitors. Therefore, take advantage of the aforementioned techniques to build lasting relationships and add value to peoples’ lives.

Hold all the aces

Traffic is the lifeblood of the internet, and if you want it to flow your way, SEO is the best shot you have. Keep up the pace with prominent trends and make sure they work to your advantage. Audit your website to gain a sense how your site is performing. Leverage data and insights to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. Make the best use of the content you produce, foster a positive image, and let your messages resonate far and wide.


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